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2019 was an exciting time for me, as I left Auckland to live into my brand new townhouse from Cornerstone homes.  I bought off plan and was given a tour of the site by Mike and Jacqui prior to my decision to buy my Cornerstone home. Mike showed me how to visualise the space and was keen to get my involvement from the start. The finished turnkey properties are ideal for rentals and first time buyers like me. I was given ample opportunities to make a few personal design changes to the already excellent standard plans, finishes and trim. Jacqui’s flair for design and standard fittings is both impressive and highly knowledgeable. Years of design experience and contacts allows you the chance to put together a great colour scheme. Working with Jacqui through a choice of plumbing materials, stylish kitchen appliances, and smart finishes was very reassuring. 

I was encouraged to work direct with Cornerstone’s preferred kitchen designers and soon Sherry from Huntly Kitchens was an important part of the process too, with Jacqui managing the overall process of local suppliers with key dates for the ongoing build. I am thoroughly impressed with the care, attention to detail, finishes, colours and designer touches that make my fantastic Cornerstone town house into my very own home."

Andrew, Hunter Street Units (2019) 

We would highly recommend Cornerstone Developments to people because of our experience of purchasing an apartment off the plan in Hamilton East.

After being recommended to Mike and Jacqui from a builder that was doing this project we met up with Mike at the empty site and he showed us the plans for the Ten Apartments. From our first meeting with Mike we were very impressed by his honesty, professionalism, and no-pressure attitude. Mike went out of his way to take us and show us one of his finished developments so we could see the quality of the workmanship. From there we were sold, even though a lot of people thought we were game buying off the plan but we could see the quality of the workmanship.

We put our trust in Mike and Jacqui and weren’t disappointed with the process we went through with them and the build. We were updated regularly with photos and information and also Jacqui was amazing, took all the stress out of picking colours, carpet, drapes etc and she has amazing taste. They also took care of all the landscaping on which they did an amazing job of the whole complex.

We just love the apartment the location is great, very private and looks so amazing, so thank you both Mike and Jacqui for making it such a stress-free experience for us.

Colin and Lynette (2017)

Feedback from a child for building a home

It was a such a pleasure buying our first investment property through Cornerstone Developments. Heard it was going to be quite a stressful time but never experienced any stress at all. 

Everything they promised was done on or before time and Mike even went over and beyond his obligations. I would like to thank you for assisting our tenant with a fence at no extra cost to us. Unbelievable that this kind of service still exists. Thank You.

Brett Taylor (2017)

It is with great enthusiasm that we write this.They are certainly outstanding professionals whose excellent work merits recognition. I can honestly say that from our first meeting with Mike Callagher we were thoroughly impressed with the quality of your workmanship, professionalism and integrity. Throughout the process, we were put at ease with frequent consultations and daily communication. 

Even more impressive, was his projects on two separate sites (Lake Road & Tisdall) that he sold us were both completed on scheduled! Cornerstone Developments exceeded the level of customer service/satisfaction we were expecting. I want to thank you for your willingness to meet with us on many different occasions to change and for guiding us on the right path with investing in Hamilton We would recommend no other builder but Cornerstone Developments

Falgun and Roshni Patel (2016)

We purchased an apartment from Mike and Jacqui mid 2016. We were tremendously impressed with the manner in which they assisted us in all things big and small. Be it items related to the sale or merely “do you have spare dots for the cupboards”, nothing was ever a problem for them. They are a friendly approachable couple who remained positive throughout the whole process. Not once did we feel unwelcome or that we were wasting their time, every interaction with them was positive and one came away with ‘WOW if only all dealings were this easy’. 

We are also impressed with their attention to detail and quality of finish. A very big thank you to Mike and Jacqui for making the purchase an easy and enjoyable experience. We recommend them without reservation and look forward to dealing with them again in future.

Johann and Catharina Preiss (July 2016)

My wife and I recently purchased a two bedroom unit, one of 8 units in total, completed (July 2015) by Cornerstone Developments.  Mike’s friendly and extremely helpful attitude gave us the confidence to proceed with our investment, a first for us outside of our own home. Nothing was too much trouble for Mike who kept us fully informed on each stage of the build and willingly answered any questions we had. His communications with all of the prospective purchasers included regular detailed updates via email.

Living next door to the project gave us a real insight into Mike’s hands-on supervision of all stages of the development; characterised by his professional approach and attention to detail. The finished result has exceeded our expectations. The units have been completed to a very high standard, both inside and outside, including the fences and gardens.

We are very happy with our purchase and would have no hesitation in recommending Mike and Jacqui Callagher of Cornerstone Developments Waikato Ltd to anyone planning investing in property.

Garry & Gail (July 2015)

My wife and I invested in a small number of two bedroom units built by Cornerstone Developments in 2013. At the beginning, my wife and I visited a number of projects in Hamilton completed by Mike Callagher’s company a few years earlier. We visited about three sites. We were impressed by the quality of building and care given to detail and finish. After, it was not hard to figure out that we were on the right track with the choice of builder.

What helped to seal the deal with Cornerstone Developments was a visit to the building site. I have been a consulting engineer all my life and building sites are not new to me. I was extremely impressed with the site’s tidiness and order. It was a clear reflection on the builders “modus operandi” and their pride in the work they undertook.

From the beginning to end, we were kept informed on progress. Naturally we had questions from time to time. Mike was at hand and went out of his way in responding literally within minutes of an email or text. I can verify that this “transaction” went without any problems from A to Z. My family is now looking once more to invest in additional units being planned by Mike and Jacqui Callagher.

Sam Mukhtar

My fiance and I have recently purchased an investment property on MacFarlane St through Cornerstone Developments. We were really impressed with the quality of the apartments and the development had great appeal. The opportunity to purchase the property below valuation, gaining instant equity in such a great development was too good to pass up and we are really pleased with our decision to get into the property market. The concept behind Cornerstone is great, and made our goal of owning our first home much more achievable.

Mike has been great to deal with, always helpful, friendly and available to answer our questions – something we found really important being first-time property buyers. We would definitely recommend Cornerstone Developments to other first-time investors, it’s a great foot in the door and the properties are of a very high standard from trustworthy developers.

Thanks heaps for all your help with our purchase, it’s been really exciting for us.

Kirsten & Chris

My wife and I bought our property off Mike and Jacqui off the plans, and the level of detail and transparency was immediately apparent. Mike’s knowledge of quality products and workmanship ensured the completed project matched our expectations when we first signed up. They were in regular communication with us, giving updates and photos of progression and delivered the completed build on schedule. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Sam McNaughton (2016)

We have been very fortunate in dealing with Mike Callagher from Cornerstone Developments. He has been the perfect gentleman to make our property dreams come true and monitors every progress until we are fully satisfied with the final outcome.

Mike has shown great commitments and passion for his work and is easily approachable from day-1 til settlement and beyond that. In future we look forward in dealing with him again and his amazing team and would 100% recommend to anyone looking for trustworthy and affordable developer. Keep up the good work.

Dhiraj and Nikita (July 2015)

Business with Cornerstone Developments was an absolute pleasure. Mike was warm, friendly and approachable. Any issues were promptly dealt with, without a delay. Every aspect of the property is up

to par with up to date finishing touches . Phone calls or messages are answered without a delay .Excellent customer service…. Would definitely consider and highly recommend a future investment with Cornerstone Developments.

Sanj Rao (July 2015)

We were introduced to the Old Farm Rd development by one of the tradesmen during construction. We certainly noted the quality of the work and also liked the feel of the townhouse development as a whole. Considerable thought appeared to have gone into the project ensuring the best use of space and quality appliances and finishes were to be provided. We thought the units were fairly priced so we purchased two.

The quality of the project was one thing, but the stand out attraction was the integrity of Mike. From our first introduction we were nothing but impressed by Mike. It feels somewhat rare in this day and age that a mans word can still be considered such a value. Mike’s word was his bond. He was true to his promises and commitments and kept us in the loop through out the completion of our units. We had requested a number of additions and alterations, which were accepted by a handshake. If Mike commits to something it will happen, and in our experience, it will happen very quickly and to a high quality of finish.

We were not let down in any way during the finishing of our units and we are very proud now of our purchase. If we were in the market again for investment properties, Mike would certainly be our first contact.

Selwyn and Shirley Cook (August 2014)

I have participated in a number of property transactions with Mike Callagher to date and have no hesitation in recommending him professionally. Mike is an experienced, astute operator who takes pride in his work and his end product and clearly understands that in the building and property market your workmanship and client service on the back-end makes all the difference.

I just wish there were more people out there who applied the same disciplines, foresight and planning to a property project coupled with being such a friendly, and down to earth person. In my experience people like Mike are a rare find in this industry!

Jake Urlwin, BNZ

When my eldest daughter went off to university, she went into the Halls. She found it great but quite noisy. She looked around for properties and found some units being built in Old Farm Road. We made contact with Mike and ended up purchasing a unit, which we are so happy with.

Mike was so helpful, going out of his way to do extras for us. He was available every time we wanted to look at the property and would always respond very promptly to my email enquiries. I have found Mike to be a very honest and reliable person. I would not hesitate to deal with him in the future.


I have known Mike Callagher for approximately 20 years. I have watched Mike start his working career through to the successful position he now finds himself in. This has not happened by luck. Mike is focused and goal driven. He has built up a great network of business relationships around him over the years which is one of the keys to his successful formula.

Over the years I have been involved in several building projects with Mike, my involvement has been purely financial whilst Mike completed all other aspects of the project. It would be fair to say I have been very happy with the financial returns of these projects all thanks to Mike’s skill.

Mike’s philosophy has always been to leave enough in the project for someone else to have a bite at the cherry. I think this is evident in the current venture Mike is undertaking. I for one will be investing again.

Scott McHardie

My husband and I were just newly wed, and at that time in our lives we were ready to purchase our first home. However, with a lack of deposit, we were stuck, and needed to gather some funds. Mike was just starting up some units in Hamilton, and knowing the position we were in, he had an amazing offer for us. It was the opportunity to purchase a unit at a direct price, with the option to either resell on completion or keep as an investment, and borrow against for our own home purchase.

It was a big decision for us, but one we are glad we made! Mike was great to work alongside, always happy, and friendly and available for advice or information when needed. It was nice to have the encouragement and support he gave to make such a life changing decision. We did buy that unit, and sold it 6 months later, making a profit of $34,000! We were able to purchase our first home, and we haven’t looked back since.

Without this opportunity, we would never have got our foot in the ‘property market door’. Mike made everything straight forward and smooth running, no fuss and no hidden surprises. He is very much what you see is what you get, a man that is good for his word, and full of integrity. He is fully dedicated to his work, and committed to the job at hand. You won’t find a more trustworthy, easy going guy in this business than Mike. Such a huge thanks for giving us the chance to get into the market, what a great start we got!

Lance and Lou

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